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Our Process: How Southern IL Gets Pure, Filtered Drinking Water


  1. Initially, the source water goes through a 5 Micron filter to remove any large particles.
  2. Carbon filtration eliminates any volatile compounds, such as chlorine.
  3. The Dual Stage softener takes out all of the hard minerals found within the source water before the Safety softener, which double checks the procedure.
  4. Testing of the water softness is conducted by the Hardness monitor.
  5. The Pressure monitor regulates an even 32 pounds per square inch to ensure that the Distiller functions properly.
  6. If either one of these two monitoring systems falters, the whole process shuts down immediately.


  1. Purification via the Vapor Compression Still is comprised of boiling water at 212° Fahrenheit, moving the steam over, and condensing it back into 100% pure water.
  2. As this water moves into a Transfer tank the waste water, which is just over 50% of the water flowing into the Distiller, goes down the drain. The Transfer tank pumps approximately 60 gallons of water into one of two 6,400 gallon storage tanks.

Drinking Water Storage

  1. The pure water in the Storage Tank remains in stable and sanitary conditions until the bottling process is ready to begin.
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Bottling Drinking Water

  1. A 5 Micron filter is used as a safety precaution to ensure a perfect drinking water.
  2. From the Storage Tank, the water is pumped through our 3 Stage Mineral Injector, which adds Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, and Sodium Bicarbonate for taste.
  3. Then the 02 Ozone tank safely eliminates inorganic, organic, and microbiological problems such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoans. Ozone is also used as a chemical­ free alternative of preserving the taste associated with Rainbow Pure Water. This is the last step before the purified water is bottled.
  4. Our 3-5 gallon bottling unit is a self-enclosed four stage cleaning, filling, and capping machine. All bottles go through a 140° Fahrenheit hot tank for the cleaning stage: rinsing, soap, disinfection, and final rinse. They are mechanically flipped over in the filling station, filled, capped, and sealed. Once the water is bottled and sealed, it is ready for distribution to the Carbondale, IL area.
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*To ensure a superior level of product quality, at Rainbow Pure Water, we constantly sample and analyze all aspects of the water chemistry in our laboratory.

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